The History Of Nemo Rangers Hurling And Football Club

My Club, Your Club, Our Club

The story of Nemo Rangers Hurling and Football club stretches back to before the start of the last century when in 1893 Rangers took part for the first time in the juvenile football championship. Rangers were based in the South Parish area and continued to perform well including winning the minor championship in 1907. The origin of the original Nemo team begins around 1910, when the pupils of the North Monastery were anxious to play hurling against the wishes of the school principal, who preferred to promote rugby in the school. A lay teacher, Seamus O hAodha invented the name Nemo, as he wanted the letters NM in the title and as latin was taught in the school, he came up with the name Nemo from the latin word meaning "nobody" - perhaps because they were outlawed by the powers that be. Pupils from the South Parish / Turners Cross area who were attending the North Monastery, then adopted the name and set up the Nemo club in 1915.

A lot of these original players would have practiced their hurling skills in a worked out quarry at the top of Windmill Road - known locally as "the Quash". This would have been close to the present Colaiste Chriost Ri School. And so the two clubs Nemo and Rangers existed side by side, until after a turbulent time in our country's history they decided to amalgamate in 1922, as membership of both clubs had fallen - some having emigrated while others were imprisoned for their part in the fight for freedom. Within six years, the new club had certainly made their mark winning the county Intermediate Hurling and Football Championships in 1928 - a feat that has never been equaled. The club's home ground for some time during the thirties was the present Turners Cross soccer Stadium, but by the late 1930's the club struggled for survival, before a combination of emigration and lack of employment during the war years saw Nemo Rangers withdraw from competitive games. In 1946 the club was reformed by among others the past club president Mr. Pat Lynch.

Those involved immediately went about organising street leagues, to provide games for the youngsters of the area. Club teams won many under-age and minor competitions in the first decade of the new Nemo existence, before the adult teams made their mark on winning the county Junior Football Championship in 1957 and then a record breaking five city Junior Hurling titles in a row from 1960 to 1964. At this stage the club had no home pitch or rooms and eventually got the use of a field on the Tramore Road in the mid sixties. The beginning of the seventies saw a major turning point in the club fortunes, as they acquired land off the South Douglas Road and after years of frustrating defeats, won their first county Senior Football title in 1972. The schools in the area, and in particular the work of the Presentation Brothers and the lay teachers, had played a major role in Nemo Rangers rise to fame. The next twenty five years were to prove a golden era of record success including the winning of ten county football championships, nine Munster club and six All-Ireland club titles. In the meantime the club has provided the county team with an array of talent including two captains of Sam Maguire winning teams - Billy Morgan and Denis Allen.

Throughout these great years an important emphasis has always been put on the enjoyable introduction of youngsters to our national games through the street leagues. Many great stars of today like Steven O' Brien and Joe Kavanagh started their careers playing their hearts out to help their teams in the club street leagues. But even of more importance were the friends they made and still have which makes Nemo Rangers - my club, your club, our club.

The Nemo Greats

Billy Morgan

An Influential figure who made his name as both a Player and Manager of both Nemo Rangers and The Rebel County.

Dinny Allen

Captained Cork to Victory in 1989, but, that was only one of the amazing success of this man.

Jimmy Kerrigan

"Jumbo" one if not the only man to be sent off in Continents but his distinguished career brought many Glories not least the Junior League Medal he won this year.

Steven O'Brien

A member of the Cork Senior Football Panel since the age of 18 and many regard him as one of the Greatest Cork Backs in recent times, still a vital cog in Billy's Senior Football Machine.

Timmy Dalton

Still involved at different levels throughout the club, Highlight of his distinguished career was winning an All-Ireland title with Nemo and Captaining Cork U-21's to All-Ireland success in 1980.