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Brian  McNally

Occupation:IT/Telecoms Engineer
Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?:Douglas, I went to secondary school in Douglas.
Favourite Food:Stir Fry
Favourite band or musician?:Snow Patrol
Growing up who was your all-time favourite player?:Ian Harte
If you could be another teammate for a week who would it be and why?:Couldn’t say
Who is your dream date?:David Beckham
Which teammate would be voted off Big Brother first and who would win?:Liam Sullivan to win
What is your nick name?:“Pat”, just 1 of many.
What is your favourite movie?:Remember the titans
If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?:Super Bowl
What would you change about GAA games (if any)?:Hot water for the showers in Nemo.
In ten years I hope to be…:Involved with the club